Thursday, January 17, 2008

That World Out There

Other stuff is fun too. I mean, have you ever really looked at your hands? I know we have a game tonight against St. Johns. A team that really hasn't been relevant since Lou Carnesecca stopped wearing those sweaters. Believe me, I really did want to go to see the football team together for the last time. But shit happens, and I'm here and they are there and that's the way it is.

And since I really don't see any point in doing any sort of preview, I thought it was a good time to link some stuff that caught my eye today.

Like this post by Gene Wojciechowski at ESPN. I very rarely if ever read anything at the WWL just because I think I've read enough articles over there to know what they are going to say just by the headline. But this one caught me off guard and actually shows promise if Gene would ever decide to give up the real reporter stuff to become a blogger.

Petrino: "Before we start, can I just say one thing from the bottom of my heart? This is by far the best Chex Mix I've ever had in my life. My wife Becky will kill me if I leave here without the recipe."

Recruit's dad: "Recipe? You open the bag and pour it into a bowl."

"Hold on -- I'm writing this down. Into … a … bowl. Well, I can certainly see where your son gets his smarts."

"Yes, about my son …"

"Best recruit I've ever seen. He could be a legend in Little Rock."

"You mean Fayetteville."

"Fayetteville … Little Rock. I keep getting those two mixed up. Memo to me: buy map of state."

"You've never actually seen my son play in person, have you?"

"Not exactly. But I have seen him on film and he's absolutely the kind of student-athlete I want in, uh …"


"That's the place. And while we're discussing college campuses, do you mind me asking where your son has taken his official visits?"

"Well, so far he's talked to Notre Dame, LSU, Florida, Mississippi and Auburn."

"Weird -- so did I. What I meant to say is, has he made any kind of verbal commitment?"

Obligatory St. John's Preview. Am I the only one that thinks it's kind of funny that anyone in their right mind would believe that because Jarrett Brown is playing on the basketball team that somehow Terrelle Pryor is going to start looking at us as a viable option? Maybe it's not completely crazy, but it's not exactly sane either.

New Auburn defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads will get another shot at WVU this September in Morgantown. Let's just forget what happened last December and focus on what happened the rest of the time.

11/16/2006 *Heinz FieldPittsburgh, PAA4527W
11/24/2005 *Milan Puskar StadiumMorgantown, WVH4513W
11/25/2004 *Heinz FieldPittsburgh, PAA1316L
11/15/2003 *Milan Puskar StadiumMorgantown, WVH5231W
11/30/2002 *Heinz FieldPittsburgh, PAA2417W
11/24/2001 *Milan Puskar StadiumMorgantown, WVH1723L
11/24/2000 *Three Rivers StadiumPittsburgh, PAA2838L

It would be a lie to say we owned him. But we most certainly had some success against his defenses while he was at Pitt.

I heaped a lot of praise on USF linebacker Ben Moffitt going into the game last year, but maybe I was a little hasty in my praise. I know it's old news, but I haven't really seen any WVU blogs talking about it.

And since I've been about the YouTubes today, that seems like a good way to end the day.

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