Friday, January 18, 2008

St. John Red Storm Halftime

As I am sure you have seen the stats from last nights game, I will spare you the grief. The game was not well played and Ruoff couldn't buy a bucket. He will have nightmares about that game. No complaints however, a nine point win is welcomed in conference. I look forward to the brawl when we face them on the road before the conference tourney.

At halftime of the game last night the football team was honored and were presented the Fiesta Bowl Championship trophy. In front of a packed house Bill Stewart befriended fans by saying West "by God" Virginia. We love that.

I apologize for my considerable absence of late, but I gotta keep the lights on. Later Bitches. Kobe.

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wolf said...

I have not been on here in a while so just wanted to make sure things have not changed...Fuck off Option Spread, Johhny, the kicker is still single and looking for a camping trip... fags....