Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good Clean Harassment

Seeing the story in the papers about death threats and such that RR's mom is sharing kind of made me think at first that this was part of a PR battle. That Rod got his mom involved in kicking dirt on WVU. Ya know, just my first thought. It might actually be true, but my point is that I'm that jaded from all this. I shouldn't care, but it just jumps out at you. Death threats and property damage, real or not, don't need to happen. We all know this. Especially towards kids that just happen to share the last name of RR.

Let's raise the intellectual bar if we have to take out some frustration on Rod. Or at least spend some quality time putting something together like Pittswallows from BGN. Have fun with it, like this one from WBGV.

Or just remember that it doesn't matter. We're fine!
(pic proudly posted on LGDSB)

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