Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fiesta Roundup from the Blogosphere

Wow, I'm still a bit punch drunk from last night! The words that flowed so freely from my fingers last night from the dairy goodness of beer, stuff, and a huge ass victory fail me at the moment. So how bout we step aside and let the rest of the blogosphere put it into perspective for us.

Sunday Morning Quarterback:

Under the circumstances, the Mountaineers' emotion was more impressive than its outstanding offensive execution, which was plenty impressive on its on, especially operating without Steve Slaton, as it has to a greater and greater extent as Pat White has become the focal point of the running game. Passion is an overrated factor in the outcome of sports, because it so rarely lasts past the first few hits and can be manufactured fairly easily in dramatic moments, but West Virginia put on one long, sustained, tear-filled party for its state Wednesday, a showcase for a team and a place coming together when the outside world looked at one disastrous December and left them for dead.

Every Day Should Be Saturday:

And last night, after lighting the powder keg for the Mountaineers, Owen Schmitt broke down and cried when Oompa-Loompa/sideline reporter Laura Okmin asked him how he felt about the game. Schmitt, bloody and mohawked, got about halfway through his answer before he wept. Okmin kept pestering him and nearly ruined the moment….nearly. This moment was as bulletproof and armored as Schmitt’s adamantine forehead.

Owen Schmitt, we love you and the double-steel reinforced skullhammer known as your head. We watch college football through a miasma of cynicism and snark, but some things burn those clouds off and expose college football for what it can be: mute, teary glory. Thank you for the sunshine and bent face-masks, Owen. We hope you get all the red meat, boobs, and cash you can handle out of this life.

Awful Announcing:
In all of my years watching Sports I don't think I've ever heard someone refer to a player as a "Runaway Beer Truck". Thanks to Matt Vasgersian's call of this Owen Schmitt touchdown I can cross it off my list.....
With Leather:
Oh, right: the game itself. West Fuckin' Virginia more or less dominated Oklahoma in a 48-28 win, which is fine with me because Oklahoma flat-out blows as a state, whereas WFV at least has some charm in the way it embraces its couch-burning culture.

Pitt Blather:
Having said that, West Virginia absolutely humiliated the Oklahoma Sooners with a 20 point win, 48-28. I admit it. I was cheering for them. If for no other reason, then the whole Big East bashing crap goes away for another year.
Everyone was picking against them — for good reason.

Seeing Owen Schmitt break down on national TV actually moved me. Well, except for the whole, “I love this state,” part

Beat Visitor:
Go Mountaineers! The entire Big East is rooting for you in your quest to beat the 16 or 17 men on the field who are playing against you in the Fiesta Bowl right now (it's great to be an unaffiliated blogger, not only can you call a bullshit call a bullshit call, but you don't have to mention the brand name of the pseudo-Mexican obesity-inducing corn chips that are part of the Fiesta Bowl's official name). As I write this, Noel Devine just made it 27-15 (but really 27-9 at the most). Show no mercy. Go for the jugular! Go Mountaineers! Go Big East!

I've probably taken up too much space as it is, so I won't quote our fine fellow West Virginia Blogs, but they are most certainly deserving of links as well!

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dyer said...

Things I learned while watching the Fiesta Bowl:

1. Picking up a live ball and running it out of the back of your end zone is a touchback, not a safety.

2. Hitting the QB at the exact instant he releases the ball is called "roughing the passer."

3. An incidental shoulder tap at the end of an incomplete pass is a "personal foul."

4. Grabbing the facemask followed by pulling on the jersey is completely legal. Especially when you are right in front of an official.

5. Noel Devine is God.