Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Marshall Preview

First, the stupid shit that has no bearing on tomorrow's game:

  • WVU leads the all-time series 25-10 and has won 7 out of the last 10 meetings.
  • Marshall comes into the game with a winning record for the first time since the '02-'03 season.
  • The Turd has 0 marquee wins, and lost to something called Lipscomb. And my only question is if you're Lipscomb what does your dick do?

Things that matter a little:

Things that matter:

  • We hate Marshall!
  • Maybe not as much as Pitt, but we hate Marshall!
  • This is the only game on their schedule that they seem to try to win, and we rarely show up for this game (but still manage to win most of the time).
  • Oh yeah, we hate Marshall!

They made a movie about us!

Because your team was in a plane crash. Not because you were good!

Hey F-you, We Are Marshall! Randy Moss went to Marshall!

After he was denied admittance by Notre Dame and kicked out of Florida St.

We play for championships!

In the MAC? Isn't that like being king of the dipshits?

Hey! We're in Conference USA now motherfucker!

Oh yeah, I forgot. And?


Seriously! Were you going somewhere with that?


Look, we all know you are going to try to slow the game down and try to keep it close and hope you get lucky at the end of the game.

But we are Marshall!!!!

Ok, great. You're Marshall.


Ugh! Never mind.

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