Monday, January 7, 2008

Round of Reubens

Florida vacation edition. Missed the Marquette game due to flights, but I do come bearing news, or at least links to news.

Another person who probably missed the Marquette game was Jacob Green. Bob Huggins announced on Saturday that Green will be transferring to Fordham, probably because of the high law school rankings. The transfer will open up an extra scholly for next year which brings the basketball team up to three for the upcoming season (Nichols and Smalligan will both be out of eligibility). I'm pretty sure after the Oklahoma and ND games that Huggy will be calling guys above 6'8".

More people that are not going to be in Morgantown this week is most of WVUs coaches, or now former coaches. It is easier to list who is staying. Casteel and Kirelawich. That's it. Magee, Frey, Smith, Dews (it hurts to lose that beautiful name most), Tall, Gibson, and Barwis are all going to Michigan. Barwis may be the highest paid S and C coach in America when it is all said and done at $200,000/year or roughly the amount it takes to go to Fordham for a year. So it appears as though the first part of the Stewart hire has been unsuccessful as the administration was hoping he would keep most of the staff together. The departures could hurt the second aspect of the hire which is recruiting. We'll see soon.

None of this makes the hire necessarily bad, which is something that Mickey Furfair points out in his column. However, even if the hire was right I think Mitch Vingle speaks for what many fans are feeling over the last few weeks. The whole process of hiring the new coach has been mangled by both the WVU administration and Rodriguez. It has left a lot of questions about the athletic department, the amount of departures, the hiring process, and the small circle of people that seem to be running every aspect of West Virginia University. Hopefully Stewart proves to be the right hire even if the process was FUBAR.


Johnny said...

Looks like Slaton is coming back.

J. Johnston said...

Yeah, but I wonder how credible that article is...we've led astray a hell of a lot lately!

scottmsg said...

Green's transfer means there will be four scholarships available for the 2008 class. Kevin Jones and Truck Bryant are already signed for the 2008 class. Roscoe Davis signed for 2008 but could be pushed back to 2009 due to academics.

chutta said...

Green's transfer means that nobody will see him play other than a few Jesuits who haven't figured out how to take the subway from the Bronx to Manhattan. Go Fordham Rams!?

In other breaking news...the Tom Turkey has also left Morgantown. There was just not enough room in town for both the "Turkey Tom" (Jimmy John's) and the "Tom Turkey" (Crockett's). The newcomer to town apparently was no chicken and scared the Tom Turkey right off the Crockett's menu altogether. I will be reaching out to contacts at my alma mater, Fordham, on behalf of Tom to see if he can catch a ride out of town with Green. I feel responsible for Tom Turkey's departure because...well...because I am fully responsible.

(I guess my juvenile email pranking may have actually had a real world effect. Who would have thought?)