Thursday, January 10, 2008


But I didn't say fudge

Jamie Smalligan is your WVU defensive player of the game. And that ought to sum it all up right there, because we got out everythinged tonight by Louisville. Certainly can't blame the ref's for this one. The score, 63-54, doesn't tell the sad truth. It was just a good old ass kicking.

Key stats? The box score tells you absolutely nothing about this game!

3-pt: WVU 4-17, UL 6-19
Rebounds: WVU 35, UL 37
Turnovers: WVU 12, UL 10
Fouls: WVU 19, UL 17

My impression of the difference maker in this game was that West Virginia spent way too much time beating trying to beat the Louisville press. They never got into a rhythm offensively because of it. And it allowed Louisville to dictate the tempo of the game. Not to mention that Louisville had almost no resistance from the WVU defense. They just brought the ball down the court and ran the play they wanted to run, played a little tip drill on missed shots, and ran down the floor with their pointer finger high in the air. Damn! Damn! Damn! There's no way those box score numbers are right! I guess West Virginia did make a late run to make it respectable vomit educing. Ugh! I better stop while I'm ahead.


J. Johnston said...

That was one hell of a shitty game. I didn't get to see much of it, had a dinner thing, but we looked like straight poop from what I did get to see.

Thoughts on the assistants so far? I'm a big fan at this point, and I love us throwing the money around. Doc? Sweet. Dunlap? Nice. Lockwood? Great. Beatty? My favorite of the bunch.

Any thoughts on the OC situation or S&C though? Taaffe looks unlikely, and I'd like Marcus Kinney for S&C coach. I am not at al devastated with Taaffe looking unlikely, and think Bill will get it right. In my book, he's done nothing wrong up until now.

Some shitty painter he is huh? He's like the Bob Ross good. And in case you don't know, Bob Ross is the best stoned, afro-wearing, hippie, tree-hugging painter of all time.

J. Johnston said...

I actually inspired myself there. I'm such a shitty photoshopper though. Laptops make it tough!

Johnny said...

That's total dairy goodness! (I'm a big fan of The Tick if it doesn't shine through) You need to put a link to the quotes Kendrick made just so everyone understands where you are coming from.

As far as the assistants go, I'm pretty satisfied so far. But I have to admit that my mind has been wondering and I haven't done ANY research on the candidates. Especially S&C.

J. Johnston said...

Advice taken.

Checked out the house pics by the way. Amazing.

J. Johnston said...

Johnny, Tummysticks, et al.,

I don't know how he found me, but I got contacted by a guy from Hamilton Tiger-Cats tonight. I think he got my link from the Q&A that I did with a Tiger-Cat blogger right as news was breaking. Taaffe is coming to be our OC. Here's the link to the whole thing, but he asked me not to name him as a source.