Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mountaineers Win-Slaton Leaving

Woo-ha! West Virginia wins 81-61. I couldn't watch due to the game being on ESPNU, and didn't listen due to my Chargers, OMG!, were in the game way longer than I expected, and actually won. Maybe one of the other Bastards was at the game and can give a little more insight. But looking at the box score it would seem Alex Ruoff's 7-11 from three point range and Donte Greene's below average 10 point game were the difference.

On another note, Steve Slaton decided to enter this years draft today. I have a piece on it up at the FanHouse. I'd say more right now, but the Dallas-New York game is getting interesting.

Update: Steve you will be missed hugely!

Update 2: Funniest post with very few words I've seen in a long time. Sorry, if it makes me laugh I have to share. Not that you all aren't going there on a daily basis anyway. Right?


Brian Harrison said...

Enjoy it while you can Jonny. The Orange will be bouncing back... I hope.

Johnny said...

Shit, I wish I could have enjoyed it. Damn ESPNU! Err, damn my cable company! But yeah, I'm sure you guys will bounce back. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for when you guys are on TV again and see Greene.