Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mick on a Stick Night

Just in case you were wondering what you should take with you to the game Wednesday night, we're providing you with a little idea. Our old "pal", Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin is coming to Morgantown and he's bringing his hot head with him. So we decided to go with the Mick on a Stick to remind our little hot headed friend of his hotheadedness. No you don't need to hold it up all night long. Just when our little buddy goes on one of his rants, which will be often. He can't help himself. Hell, if you watch the video below (sorry about the quality, it was the best utube had to offer), he takes shots at his current players and the salads at his favorite restaurant and at Denny Crum's red jacket all within the first 90 seconds. It trails off into obscurity after that.

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