Monday, January 28, 2008

Freaking Early Links

Fucking sunrise!

Mike Casazza says everyone is in the wrong with the DickRod situation. I hate to be an asshole (not really, I love being an asshole), but didn't we all know that both sides were fucking this up from the moment the story broke?

Was it goal tending or does it really matter when you don't hit your free throws?

At least we haven't lost to Rutgers, yet.

Anyone else wonder how Bud Selig gets a contract extension? I mean the guys has been in charge during the worst period in baseball history, well since I've been alive.

People really do read your facebook page. And what you say can get you in trouble.

Update on that stabbing thing in Utah. Snowballs will get you stabbed.

I was thinking about ending this with a youtube of The Boomtown Rat's "I don't like Mondays", but that video is just a little boring. And it's about my least favorite song by the Rats. So how about a little "Young Lust" by the Floyd. Hey, it's got Bob Geldof in it. That kind of works. There's boobies in this, so don't watch at work. Seriously, NSFW.

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The Prowler said...

You haven't lost to Rutgers (yet), but you did shoot 1-22 from 3-point land, and 10-50 overall against Cincinnati.

Losing by 30 in conference? Ouch.