Friday, January 18, 2008

Laugh, it's Friday

First here is a link to Gump for Heisman, which was sent to me by someone that laughed so hard reading it they farted in the library. That is the kind of recommendation that gets you a link. The link will take you to a list of "demands" Rodriguez made and WVU failed to provide such as:

A red carpet. That starts at my fucking driveway. And ends at my fucking office door. I mean it. And I want it to pave every fucking possible pathway. If I take a shortcut? Red carpet. If I take the scenic route? Red carpet. If I decide to stop at the mistresses’ for a little A.M. fuck-start? Red carpet. If I decide to stop at your house and upperdeck your chimney? Red carpet. OK? Red carpet. Red carpet. Red carpet.
And everyone has seen a million take-offs on the "Leave Britney alone" Youtube video. Well make it a million and one.

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