Monday, January 8, 2007

And now some actual research

I feel that there is an occasional need for some actual knowledge to be bestowed along with innane and unneccesary quotes. In our very first post the O.S. stated that UL was a sinking ship. I am not sure that I agree with that analysis. In response I'll state that this is based upon the rumors of Steve Kragthorpe taking the job. Who is he, a fragle (I may have a Jim Henson problem)? No just a good coach with a funny name. Kragthorpe is currently the head coach at the University of Tulsa which I believe is located in the United States b/c they play in CUSA. He has compiled a record of 29-21 over 4 seasons. Not exactly breathtaking, until you look at the previous 11 years at Tulsa. 34-88-1 (and thank god for that tie or the record would be really ugly). Now in full disclosure they did go 10-2 in 1991 so maybe he used that to build off. A break down year by year of statistics may show is abilities as I have only seen Tulsa on TV a few times while wondering why UCLA changed their helmets.
2006 Tulsa v. Opp
ppg 27.7 20.2
passing 2944 yds. 16 td/9 int 2063 13/9
rushing 2107 1796
8-5 big wins--Navy/ECU/Southern Miss
2005 Tulsa v. Opp
ppg 33.1 23.5
passing 3083 21/8 2396 9/22
rushing 2146 2132
9-4 big wins--Memphis/Southern Miss/ECU/Fresno St

2004 Tulsa v. Opp

ppg 28.8 33.2

passing 2245 13/16 2297 14/10

rushing 2106 2527


2003 Tulsa v. Opp

ppg 30.8 27.8

passing 2549 23/12 2352 12/19

rushing 2492 2571

8-5 big win--Hawaii

Based purely on statistics, Kragthorpe runs a very balanced offense and has continually improved the defense. If he is hired the UL ship could be sailing ahead. Of course his first job will be to recruit the current players to stay for another year just to prove they can win without Petrino. UL has significantly upgraded all of their football facilities and I don't forsee them falling into irrelevance too soon even if a few of the underclassmen bolt.


Option Spread said...

Damn you and your facts. I survive on mere speculation and rumors.

Admittedly, UL's fleet of quality running backs will still be there and Hunter Cantwell performed well in Brohm's absence (he'll still be there right?). Indeed, they seem to have legitimate depth at all positions. But will they be able to replace 3 first rounders? Or a potential 5 or more draft picks? That's a lot of quality performers to replace. Add to that a potential change in offensive and defensive scheme meaning a slight learning curve. Additionally, your fraggle coach, despite his diet of Doozer constructions, may not be of the same caliber as Petrino (and god it pains me to give that jackass credit). Petrino was 41-9 in 4 years at Louisville. Very Impressive.

Additionally, the other contenders in the Big East either improve or stay steady. USF picked up some stud JUCO running back which adds an additional weapon in their offense. Rutgers will remain strong (as far as my prescious rumors suggest) and WVU will remain very similar to last years team.

I didn't mean to suggest the Cards were going to suck next year. I was just trying to say they were going to be weaker next year. Weak enough to put them in fourth in the BE.

letsplaytummysticks said...

They were going to lose some guys anyway, but Rutgers comes to the Pizza Den and they are tough there. Petrino, for all of his success, never won a lot of BIG games. This year v. WVU was probably his best win. He had a tendency to blow some big leads, Rutgers this year and WVU last. So while he was a good coach I don't think he is irreplacable. Check out his win/loss history. Not a lot of quality there.