Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Completely Unsubstantiated Rumor and More Mocking of Michael Vick

So yesterday, while attempting to stay awake during a 7 hour hearing, a guy I know who knows a guy who watches football and talks to some other guy who reads sports rumors leans over to tell me the latest trade rumor:

Michael Vick and Atlanta's 10th overall pick to Oakland for their 1st overall pick, Randy Moss and Jerry Porter.

While I have no way to substantiate this at this point, as I haven't fired up the Interwebs yet, I just want to say this will simplify my life by centralizing my two most hated things in the sports world, Michael Vick and the Oakland Raiders, into one convenient location. Its like a Walmart for sports hatred.

And while this video has already made it up to a few blogs, such as KSK and With Leather, as a WVU-centric (and, thus, VT-hating) blog, I just have to post it here, too:

Update: Yah! Substantiated. Sorta.

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