Friday, January 12, 2007

Recruit Rankings are Garbage Anyway

Chris Petersen won Coach of the Year honors. Rich Rodriguez was wooed by the storied Alabama program.

So how do these schools compare in recruiting?

Boise St.OklahomaWVU
5 star recruits:030
4 star recruits:0131
3 star recruits:086
5 star recruits:000
4 star recruits:0160
3 star recruits:2611
5 star recruits:030
4 star recruits:082
3 star recruits:267
5 star recruits:021*
4 star recruits:1130
3 star recruits:51013

In all fairness, Stoops does have a National Championship under his belt, so this isn't necessarily a knock against him. I'm merely trying to point out that Boise State's win over Oklahoma is really something special. The Broncos getting to the BCS game, then actually winning it with little more than 2 and 3 star recruits is like getting alone with Jessica Alba and not blowing your wad the second she takes off her panties.

For instance, Jared Zabransky was an unrated QB coming out of high school. Ian Johnson and the Bronco's leading recevier were both 2 star recruits coming out of high school.

I threw in WVU because, well, we're pretty much a WVU blog.

But what about the other big name players? Adrian Peterson was a 5 star recruit, no big surprise there, as he kicked ass and took names his Freshman year (and ever since, barring injuries). But, Steve Slaton and Patrick White were both 2 star "Athletes" coming out of high school.

*On an unfortunate note, WVU's lone 5 star recruit up there was none other than Jason Gwaltney, who, between bouts of homesickness and an alleged wandering pee pee, left the program towards the end of his freshman season. Word is he's trying to return to WVU in what some reports suggest is a linebacker role.

I guess all this just goes to show high school player rankings have a little, but not absolute, determination with respect to the success of their respective collegiate destinations. Sorry for the bad news USC.


Dyer said...

The time I was with Jessica Alba, I actually held on for 3 seconds. But in all fairness to Boise State, she did have me blindfolded.

Big P said...

USC football rules.

letsplaytummysticks said...

O'Dowell rules.