Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I've seen that defense before dammit

That game reminded me defensively of another game I've seen before in WVU/USF this year where a defensive line may have won a game by themselves.

ESPN was putting so many hours into Shelly Smith stories on Ohio State too (poor Troy Smith, but hey let's not mention the money he took when signing with Ohio State), are they the kiss of death or what? Lots of teary eyes tonite on gameday, old Lee will can simpathize with Kirk on his losses. Let's see in the last two years alone ESPN has proclaimed 2005 USC the greatest team of all time which begat Notre Dame this year as O.M.G. the bestest, which begat Ohio State as the actual really greatest team. Tell ya what, if WVU ever makes it to the big game just please let the talking heads at ESPN pick against us. And to make matters worse, Kirk Herbstreit, one of the only commentators that doesn't make my ears bleed when "analysing" matchups broke with his normal impartiality to choo choo choose Michigan as the number 2 with this breathtaking analysis courtesy of http://sauriansagacity.blogspot.com/

"Here's the problem I had; I get paid to actually watch college football, from noon to 2 a.m. I watch every game there is, and I do that for 15 straight weeks. I'm in a position where I can make an opinion on more than, well right here on paper, it says Florida beat six top 25 teams ... I don't care. I don't care. I've watched Florida every week. Congratulations, 12-1 ... that's amazing. But am I going to penalize Michigan because the Big Ten is awful this year? Absolutely not. I don't care that they beat ND and ND is terrible. I don't care that they beat Wisconsin and we don't know how good Wisconsin is. I saw them play against every team this year."People can say look how they played against Ball State and look how they played against Northwestern. They were bored. The difference between that and Florida ... Florida was actually trying when they played and didn't execute against Georgia and Vanderbilt, and didn't execute against Kentucky and other teams they played."

Now that is arrogance even Sean Salisbury would be proud of, except Sean Salisbury tells you what to think and then shows you a picture of his cock on a picturephone.

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