Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ransacking of the Bulls

WVU has made two of the three hires needed in the offseason from conference rival USF. Greg Frey has been hired as the offensive line coach. Frey had been the longest tenured coach at USF (11 years) having been with the program since it's inception. Frey is a graduate of Florida State University and with any success here will be leaving to help mash Bobby Bowdens peas ASAP.

Rod Smith, not the 80 year old Denver Broncos wide reciever, will also join the WVU staff from USF. Smith will be the quarterbacks coach at WVU after serving as Offensive Cordinator at USF this past season. Smith played for Rodriguez at Glenville State and had served as a GA or coach with Rod until his move to South Florida in 2001. USF runs a spread offense very similar to WVU. It is unknown at this early stage if Smith missed WV causing the return (I'm sure Florida just couldn't compare to Preston County) or wanted to coach with Rodriguez. It is interesting that he took an apparent step down from OC with USF to QB coach at WVU. Any salary differences found will be updated later.

WVU is now in search of a wide reciever/TE coach to fill out the staff. Unfortunately, the WR coach of USF was already poached by old floppy hat Bowden so we must look elsewhere. WVU approached other USF employees and is currently talking to a cafeteria worker named Elmer and a custodian for the library named Sammy, but no offers have been made as of yet.

In other news Jeremy Bruce has been sentenced for his in-season DUI. Bruce was suspended during the season then re-instated and moved up to backup tailback as Schmidt was hobbled. Bruce will serve 16 hours in jail and then be made backup sheriff.

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