Friday, January 12, 2007

New Suspect in Williams Murder

The NFL, in a rare showing of compassion not related to steroid use, has agreed to return a $15k fine levied against deceased Bronco's cornerback Darrent Williams, so that that money may be utilized to care for and support the deceased player's children, of which only 2 are currently known.

However, the gesture reveals additional details concerning motives behind the unexplained driveby shooting:

"Williams had words with official James Coleman in the fourth quarter, according to the DENVER POST.

"After the game, Williams and Denver safety Nick Ferguson insisted that Coleman began the dispute. Williams, though, was fined. In late December,Williams had his appeal heard by the NFL. A decision was expected as soon as this week."

So, an NFL player had words with an NFL official. The NFL fines the player. That NFL player ends up dead. And the NFL gives back the money. Hmm...

Careful James Coleman, Carl Monday is watching you.

Meanwhile, Javon Walker has reportedly changed shirts.

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