Monday, January 8, 2007

Um, like, this is hard.

Would it be a blog crime to start out with a test entry? Or should we jump right into the downward spiral of the Louisville Cardinals?

Booby Petrino, in his regular douchbaggery ways, ditched his beloved Cardinals and headed off to the tainted green fields of Atlanta to coach a team with a really good wide receiver playing QB and a really good QB playing assistant coach. One additional clause on his NFL contract included unlimited Valtrex prescriptions for him and his family, you know, just in case.

He is the first of what will soon resemble rats fleeing a sinking ship. Brohm, a junior, expected to go in the first round if he declares, will most likely leave as he is sick of getting yelled at by his older, less talented brother. Okoye or whatever his name is is gone. Bush, despite getting the medical red shirt clearance to play his fifteenth year at Louisville will also leave. EEEEruuuuttiiicaaaa, as a redshirt sophomore and phenomenal wide receiver should leave this year instead of next considering how flooded next year's draft class will be with junior's leaving early.

Point is, Louisville will be down next year. Early predicted finish: 1) WVU, 2) Rutgers, 3) USF, 4) Louisville.

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letsplaytummysticks said...

Great start it can only go up from here. jackass.