Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Another one into the first row...

After watching the lackluster championship game last night, despite the fact that Hetland actually got the ball between the uprights- which did make me smile- a few minutes into the postgame analysis I told Harold (whom you may hear referred to from time to time as my trusty sidekick), "I'm 'bout ready for some baseball."

While spring training is not too terribly far off, todays big news centers around the MLBHoF induction calls. Senors Ripken and Gwynn being shoe in candidates, and rightly so. It is your authors hope that despite steroid allegations, a refusal to comment on such, and nearly crying before a Congressional Committee- all of which are of poor character I admit- that Mark McGwire overcome what many consider longshot odds and make it into the hall. If for no other reason than having appeared on one of the coolest baseball posters of all time. I appreciate the Blues Brothers reference... orange whip... orange whip... orange whip.

Do not assume that Brave Sir Robin condones the use of illegal steroids, but if they were legal at the time, everyone else was using them, etc. Whatever- I really don't give a shit if he makes the Hall of Fame or not. I just wanted to post this poster. I wish I still had one. On a more serious note, I will be glad when Cal and Tony get the call. I remember fondly- even as a devout Yankee fan- all those mammoth blasts Cal put into the first, sometimes even second row. Way to go. Stop projecting... team player. Where is she? Is she still in the house? He stole my line and my brat!

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letsplaytummysticks said...

Say whip again. No you don't pronounce the "H." Getting hat poster may have been the single greatest moment of my childhood poster collection, until I saw the mole on Canseco's hand, JESUS. Put all of the assholes (Rose, Palemero, McGuire, etc.) in b/c the Hall of Fame if bullshit anyway. I don't think anyone forgets Shoeless Joe Jackson or Pete Rose and they aren't in. If you're good enough to be remembered you will be.