Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recruiting nearing completion

With 15 days remaining until national signing day the 2007 recruiting period is almost over. While it is always somewhat unnerving to watch grown men fawning over 17 year old boys, writing non-stop about their size, length, and ability we will attempt to update everyone on the signings of WVU. Besides giving these kids a sense of entitlement, taking underage kids to drinking parties and strip clubs, paying recruits and bribing coaches, it is all exciting. And poor Maryland. When you cheat and get caught you should at least get the recruit. Friedgen tied to stop it, but when he said "Hey don't pay recruits" he had a mouth full of donuts and it came out "Hey, dome pee rerute." But as far as recruiting goes, what is the worst that could happen? The good news is that having been to the gentleman's establishments in Morgantown I can safely say we are keeping recruits as far away as possible if we don't want kids screaming and running (with hopefully 4.2 40 speed) into the night.

WVU will attempt to sign the maximum of 25 this year and currently has around 20-23 commitments. The variance is due to last minute changes in fancy of the young. Currently Rivals has WVU rated at the 31st best class while Scout has WVU 16. The difference, 15 spots. Ha, you thought analysis was coming. Sucker.

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