Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bama loses again

He wanted Bryant to be riding a bear, but didn't have the extra $100 necessaryMerely a day after an Alabama blog celebrated a recruiting victory over WVU for a kicker with all the class of:

I wouldn't really care, except that West Virginia native Nick Saban totally pwn3d Rodriguez by stealing this kid away. And that makes my schadenfreude-fueled heart all warm.
Well it didn't take long for WVU to smack 'Bama back down again. From the school paper of West Chester University on the 21st of the month.
It is rumored that West Virginia and Alabama are among the teams courting Lewis, who will lose one year of eligibility should he decide to transfer.
And now yesterday.
First team All PSAC East outside linebacker Jimmy Lewis is trading his purple and gold for a new blue and yellow uniform.

Sources close to the situation have informed The Quad that Lewis has finalized his decision to transfer to West Virginia. Lewis will be forced to sit out next season due to NCAA eligibility rules regarding transfers.
Lewis has completed his Junior year so he will sit a year to play one. But that one year won't be at Alabama.


Newspaper Hack said...

West Chester University? Wasn't that the one in the movie with Jeremy Piven? Ohhhh...nah, that was Port Chester University.

The thing that made the bit about the kicker so wild is that he's actually from West Virginia. If this kid was transferring from, say, Jacksonville State and picked WVU, that would be different.

I'm more surprised that a linebacker from Pennsylvania wasn't begging JoePa for a roster spot.

letsplaytummysticks said...

True, but Mussleman isn't a high WVU territory. Most went to Marshall when they were relevant now they apparently go elsewhere. I'm sure Joe would have been interested if he had more than a year left, but as it is there wasn't enough youth for him to suckle and keep him alive to offer a schollie. Keep up the good work, love the site and your comments on EDSBS.