Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Still Going

If Pacman or Henry shot fricken laser beams out of their eyes we'd all be in trouble.Like that Energizer bunny the game of career suicide chicken between Chris Henry and Pacman Jones just won't end as neither will blink or back down. At this point it is almost admirable that they just won't let the other one win this thing. As NFL commissioner Roger Goodell tries to implement a player conduct policy that will include suspensions for off the field problems both Pacman and Henry rush to see who can be the first to be suspended.

Las Vegas police will seek felony and misdemeanor charges against Pacman for his role in the triple shooting outside a strip club last month. The charges would be a felony of coercion and misdemeanor threat and battery charges.

Not to be outdone Chris Henry answered the Pacman volley with a return of his own. Henry had his car impounded and was ticketed for driving on a suspended license, failure to use turn signals and a seat belt violation.

If Henry is convicted of any crime in Hamilton County, the Kenton County Attorney's Office would seek to revoke his probation in Kentucky, said chief prosecutor Ken Easterling. Henry could have to serve the remaining 88 days on his 90-day sentence.

Goodell has already scheduled some hearings for next week in New York. From ESPN:

Many in the game believe Goodell will reserve the right to suspend a player for an entire season, with that player then forced to apply for reinstatement, but only after meeting tough criteria. Jones, who has been arrested or questioned by police in 10 incidents since he came into the league in 2005, could be the poster boy for Goodell's get-tough policy.

Pacman and Henry really only have two options right now: (1) cock fight to the death, winner gets reinstated; or (2) both just go out like Tony Montana. You know they have the blow and Tank Johnson could get them the guns.

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