Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring practice continues

the least intimidating pirate flag everSome notes from all over from spring as the weather continues to be crazy manic depressive bi-polar inconsistent:

The Daily Mail reports on one of the potential impact players of the coming season, JT Thomas. JT's father was a great Mountaineer linebacker and his signing was a big deal around Morgantown. JT is seeing playing time at outside linebacker this spring with John Holmes being moved to the other outside linebacker and Reed Williams moved to inside. We could start seeing the speed on offense being replicated on the defensive side of the ball. WVU will be younger at linebacker this year, but mistakes will be made by guys flying by in a blur. Add Mortty Ivy and returners Bobby Hathaway and Marc Magro (who doesn't like tobacco) into the mix the linebackers could be interesting this year.

Jacob Messner has an article on Pat White's baseball skillz:

A pitcher and outfielder, White was Alabama's Mr. Baseball in his senior season at Daphne.

He posted a .487 batting average, 12 home runs, 29 stolen bases, 48 RBI and 51 runs scored from the leadoff spot. He also compiled a 6-3 record with a 1.55 earned run average and 62 strikeouts compared to 14 walks in 58 innings on the mound.

Pat could have played minor league baseball over the summers for $400,000, but decided to bypass that to be a leader for WVU. That is either the definition of dedication or insanity, but there's only a hairs difference between the two anyway.

MSNsportsnet reports a new goal line formation used in a scrimmage over the weekend.

Rodriguez introduced one goal line formation on Saturday that included 260-pound Owen Schmitt at tailback, 285-pound defensive tackle Scooter Berry at fullback and 305-pound defensive tackle Chris Neild at wingback. Redshirt freshman offensive tackle Derek Hayes was a second tight end along with Mike Villagrana.
“That was to give the defense a better look on goal line,” the coach said.

Upon reading about that the common response from Big East defensive coordinators was:
There is a reason we are the 'Bastards,' I mean this guy is a friend.


Brave Sir Robin said...

I have to wonder why the hell he would send those St. Patty's pics around for all to enjoy. He must have sent them to 15 people when I received them. Wow. I mean woot. No- I mean waa waa waa.

Too bad Lil Pat did not get to enjoy the CWS championship. Review of last seasons championship season to follow the MLB preview. Said preview should surface this week. waa waa.

letsplaytummysticks said...

As much as I do to embarass myself, family, friends, acquaintances, busboys, etc. I try to not let pictures get taken. I defenitely don't send them along. Send him the link so he can see his glory though.