Friday, March 16, 2007

WVU rolls through NIT 2nd Round

I put up 31 against UMass, but could have had more with help of a delivery pet penguin. Waa waa boys and girls.The Mountaineers looked strong last night before a Coliseum crowd of just over 7,000 fans. Attendance was up from the Delaware State game on Tuesday, and all those in attendance were able to enjoy a masterful display by both Frank Young and his goatee. (The goat isn't quite as glorious as it was midseason after having been trimmed considerably.)

Young put up 31 in the 90-77 win over UMass, a career high for Frank the Tank. His six three-pointers brought him to a tie for the WVU record for 3s in a season with 101, set by Chris Leonard in 1992.

Joe Alexander showed signs of picking up- going to the basket well, but still struggling from long range, he scored 9 on four field goals and a free throw. Darris Nichols chipped in 14, and Butler broke double digits with 10.

The game could have run a little smoother had the officiating not been so eager, whistling 35 total fouls. I will say that most of the fouls they called needed to be. They weren't whistling what I would call ticky-tack girly fouls, but something is up when you reach the double-bonus with more than nine and a half left in the second half.

Minuteman guard James Life gained no friends last night with a little unnecessary taunting of the Tank, and some bumping-not-quite-shoving-as-I-try-to-run-by-you kind of bullshit. Seriously, if I were Frank Young and you clap like that getting in my face- and I weren't in the Coliseum but rather in say... Long Beach (NC), with PW and Lala and prison numbers, I might have made pub mix out of him. Life put up 20, 9 over his average, and did drive well to the hole. He played well despite coming off as a jackass. But who am I to judge?

Mountaineers play winner of Marist and the Wolfpack on Tuesday in Morgantown. See ya there.


letsplaytummysticks said...

The "Frank the Tank" chant at the end was awesome. It was just so good when it hit the rim.

Brave Sir Robin said...