Friday, March 9, 2007

Excuse to post a Pearl Jam video

So far everything is quiet on the football front regarding spring practice. With the success of the offense over the past couple of years everyone is turning their heads to the defensive side of the ball. In the upcoming season the defense will be constantly under the microscope. The big question is whether the 3-3-5 stack will be consistent enough against the pass to allow us to shut down good passing teams. The linebackers may be on the hot seat the most as the pass rush has been the biggest concern the last few years in big games. The next step in this defense has to be getting pressure on the quarterback or covering up the receivers. The coaches feel as if the defensive scheme should allow this to happen if the players step up. While that may sound like oversimplification, just remember the quantum leap the offense took when Slaton and White took over. Big results can occur from small changes although it takes time. However, if the defense doesn't posses the ability to make the necessary changes it may be time to go a different direction. Adapt to survive or get past by. It's evolution baby.


dyer said...

This is, by far, the greatest post in the history of all blogs.

Your loyal reader & HUGE fan of PJ,

letsplaytummysticks said...

No positive reinforcement needed when you have a dog named Vedder, but at least one other person will appreciate future PJ related posts.