Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Round of Reubens

According to this article in the Daily Mail, WVU needs to attempt fewer three pointers in this game versus Providence. Really? I mean last time when we shot 41 you don't think that was good? Our reaction to that game was here.

March 15-17 seven WVU wrestlers will compete in the NCAA tournament at the Palace at Auburn Hills in Detroit. I don't know if having a wrestling tournament, even without Stone Cold Steve Austin, in Detroit is the smartest idea. I did see that whole Ron Artest Brawl. Anyway, from the Daily Mail:

Rogers, a heavyweight, and 157-pounder Fryling join automatic qualifiers Mark Anderson (133), Brandon Rader (141), David Jauregui (149), Kurt Brenner (174) and Jared Villers (197). All earned automatic bids at the Eastern Wrestling League Championships this past weekend.

Good luck and watch out for any wrestlers with managers, those guys always seem to get involved somehow and the ref never sees it, it's crazy

WVU may have also picked up another late recruit for the 2006 season. The post signing day boon seems to continue (they must have seen the recruiting video or the girls kissing, probably the girls kissing) as Alric Arnett of Butler Community College for a year and Scottsdale Community College for a year has signed on to play for the Mountaineers. Alric (whose name is pronounced like the Chinese restaurant singers in "A Christmas Story" trying to say Alex) led his team with 10 catches for 100 yards last year and is considered a speed receiver. 10 catches led the team? Either Scottsdale REALLY likes to run the ball or had a rash of severe accidents/deaths at the quarterback position this year.

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