Friday, March 9, 2007

Our Hodge-Podge Page

This post is just to comment on the eclectic nature of the beast that is Pinfall Marks. As you scroll down this page, you are taken on this journey- from a dog shitting to a sweet ass, then to some NASCAR action (why?), followed by some bullshit about Borat, some yummy Pub Mix, a reubens reference (also yummy), penguin waa waa, an actual sports bit, a pic of Pryor, and finally back to the Penguins waa waa.

I dunno why we can't be full-time bloggers. This is all encompassing shit here. I will not even begin to consider addressing the pearls of wisdom contained within the comment threads. woot. Oh yeah, the animal you see pictured- as if you did not know- is a yak.

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