Sunday, March 11, 2007


WVU joined Syracuse, Florida State, and Kansas State (coached by WVU grad Bob Huggins) as some big conference schools missing the dance. Some matchups of interest for teams we know:

Maryland landed a 4-seed and could have Butler in the second round. Butler has beat Notre Dame, Indiana,Tennessee, Gonzaga, and Purdue this year already.

Pitt received a 3-seed and could play Duke in the second round. I've always said nothing can make me root for Duke, this will put that theory to the test.

VT got a 5-seed. One 5 seed always loses to a 12 seed, here's hoping Illinois is that 12.

Villanova has a first round match-up with Kentucky. A Big East team versus the team that is rumored to be enamored with Coach Beilein.

Louisville has Stanford and possibly then Texas A&M. They have also requested the referees from the game with WVU to have all of their remaining games. Forever.

Georgetown has a 2-seed and either Bobby Knight or Boston College in the second round. Either way I'm a Georgetown fan for the first week of the tournament.

Good luck to everyone with their brackets unless they are in a pool against me. But then if your against me you don't need it since I'll lose 3 of my Final 4 picks in the first day as usual.

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