Friday, March 16, 2007

Round of Reubens

This Ruben made $1.5 million for 170 ABs in 2005In late game NIT action, WVU continued to be impressive with Frank Young playing the best game of his career. Frank scored 31 points on 11-15 shooting including 6-8 from three. The six makes ties Franks for the school record of 101 made threes in a season. The team shot over 50% for the second straight NIT game with 54.4% shooting (12-28 from three, 43%). It looks like this team is hitting it's stride just in time for the Big Dance.

Speaking of the Big Dance, Stanford proved all the doubters wrong. We way underestimated how bad they sucked. Stanford rallied from a 26 point half time deficit to get nipped at the end by 20 against Louisville. The same team WVU almost beat in regulation and the 1st overtime less than a week ago. Stanford shot a blazing 41% from the floor and were very crafty with the ball. Only 21 turnovers for the Cardinal. The NCAA selection committee should be ashamed, especially given how WVU and Syracuse are still playing. Stanford would have had a better chance letting the drunken tree play. Today all eyes should be on the other controversial selection of Arkansas. Maybe they can crap the bed as well.

And finally in community college/crapping the bed frequently news Marshall is going back on probation soon. Marshall Reynolds was banned in 2001 from any contact with the athletic program as part of his paying athletes for not working for him job program. His probation is over and he was just named to the committee to find the new basketball coach. So congratulations Marshall for doing what you do best; cheating and getting caught.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Marshall University and the Thundering Turd fans are also adept at inventing nonmotivational and simultaneously self depricating chants to use at games. Wait, lets also use this as a title to a shit movie about us. Great idea. woot.

letsplaytummysticks said...

"Inventing" might be a little much, more like "borrowing" from Penn State.