Thursday, March 8, 2007

Waa waa. Waa.

Here you see yours truly doing his best to score a job fetching beers, booze, pub mix and delicious sammies for some unsuspecting family in need of a messenger penguin. Waa waa.
I also thought this would be a nice chance for a wise-ass comment contest. Waa waa.
I am afraid to post any analysis of tonights match-up. Louisville is scary. I think about Smalligan and try to assure myself everything will be fine- but then I think about being a #1 seed in the fuckin' NIT and I get a little pissy. Waa.


letsplaytummysticks said...

Louisville is going to get punched in the snout.

Brave Sir Robin said...

waa waa- UL snouts dot com- waa. I bought two large pub mixes, yes. They are very good, yes. My brother Billo, he get a devil in his head. So we open his head and he put in tooth from a woman with red hair, yes. But the devil, he get mad and he have his revenge. Now my brother Billo, he is retard.

Anonymous said...

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