Thursday, March 8, 2007

Round of Reubens

David Teel, whoever the hell that is, has deemed WVU unworthy of a NCAA bid unless they can pull off the upset tonight:

Some believe WVU locked up a bid with Wednesday's victory over Providence. Not me. That's only the Mountaineers' fourth top-100 victory, far fewer than other bubble squads, including Old Dominion (six). A win in today's Big East quarters gives WVU a much better case.
Meanwhile, these guys think we're in:
The Mountaineers' RPI is 58 with a strength of schedule of 121. Those aren't good numbers. But they also have a signature win over UCLA. Not to mention on Wednesday night, West Virginia made a Big East tournament-record 17 3-pointers and beat Providence in the opening round of the Big East Tournament. "When we shoot like that we're a tough out," WVU coach John Beilein said. "I think the best idea for everyone in the country is just to keep winning," Beilein said. "I know the NCAA selection committee does a terrific job, but we just need to keep winning and not worry about any of that." Verdict: Should be in now.
AwfulAnnouncing, a blog fundamentally more in support of live-blogging than us, is having a vote to see which game, surprise, they'll live blog tonight. WVU-Louisville is one of the selections. May be worth checking in on occasionally tonight. I normally wouldn't have posted this, but AA posted a picture of my dad earlier:

Nate Sowers has officially been moved to starting wide receiver. Tummysticks is all for it. (I can't find the link anymore.)

Tom Brady has knocked up his second world-class beauty in a span of 2 months.

Kurt Angle, of WWF WWE fame, has been implicated with (Gasp!) anabolic steroids.

And finally, I think WVU might have a bit of a big game tonight.


letsplaytummysticks said...

AA isn't bad for a liveblog only b/c they spend the entire time picking out stupid stuff the announcers say. I would still rather just watch a game than read about it while watching. Reading makes my head hurt.

Brave Sir Robin said...

In addition, I take issue with getting Pub Mix seasoning dust on the computer. When a balancing test is applied- it is a no brainer. Pub Mix is the snack of all snacks. I would listen to Bill Walton, Billy Packer, and Stu Scott call a game before reading a live blog. Viva la Lala.

letsplaytummysticks said...

I would like to hear Walton, Packer, Scott, and Dick Vitale sing an a cappella version of Boys II Men's End of the Road.

Brave Sir Robin said...

That makes me think of the four of them- bound in leather, with bridles and reigns- and Robyn Roberts cracking the whip yelling "mush! mush!" Is that normal? Should I worry about that?