Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This guy might want to talk to Manchin

It appears as though a Pennsylvania State Sen. John N. Wozniak has decided to throw his hat into the ring of fire that is college football scheduling. This used to be as sure a political win as kissing babies. However, the tides are beginning to turn away from government mandated games. From Wozniak:

I believe the time is right to bring back the healthy and historical rivalry of these fine Pennsylvania institutions,” Wozniak said. “The economic gains, not only for State College and Pittsburgh, but for the entire Commonwealth would be tremendous

Where have we heard that before?
In his letter, Wozniak suggested that the schools resume their annual home-and-away series, with both schools splitting the proceeds.

If I were another State legislator I would not touch this with a ten-foot pole. Why? It is possibly political suicide. When the NCAA expanded to 12 games the thought was that it would create better non-conference scheduling. Instead the big schools went on a money grab to get the smaller schools at home. The result was a bidding war for the big schools. WVU has lost two opponents in two years due to other schools offering more money. Every home game lost is millions of dollars lost for a greedy athletic department. The solutions to this dilemma are much better explained here. It may not be wise to force Penn State and Pitt into this game at this time especially. The Big 10 is proposing a 9 game conference schedule for a majority of teams. This means it is theoretically possible that Penn State could play 5 road conference games and @ Pitt in the same year. That leaves only 6 games in Happy Valley. The Nitters would riot. Just imagine Wozniak in the middle of this:

At least Penn State and Pitt have a history. WVU and Marshall didn't even have that before Manchin railroaded WVU into the game. For all of the pretend "rivalry" aspects such as naming it the Coal Bowl and having a trophy, it turned into any other opener versus an overmatched team within two possessions. I actually felt sorry for Marshall fans near me who thought they had a chance. And I will always hold Gov. Manchin directly responsible for the worst thing he has ever done. Not forcing WVU down to the high school stadium this year, not the millions in lost revenue this year, not watering down the schedule with another cupcake, but for making me feel sorry for a Marshall fan. For shame Gov. Manchin, for shame.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Actually, WVU and Marshall have history. I look back upon it fondly. The Mountaineers are undefeated against Marshall, and I believe last year made the 6th or 7th time they have played. Last season was the 2nd such match-up I have seen personally.

I also enjoy the prospet of Marshall NEVER getting the trophy. However, it is sad that this season will mark the first time we have had to journey to Huntington.
Maybe then we can have some controversy- a little hubbub ot brew-haha. woot.

Brave Sir Robin said...

that was supposed to say PROSPECT.

letsplaytummysticks said...

That isn't a history. Pitt and Penn State have played 96 times. We've played Marshall once (before last year) in the last 50 years.

Johnny said...

And the trophy looks like something out of a cracker jack box. Well, I hate to put cracker jack in such bad company.

letsplaytummysticks said...

Especially when compared to the Black Diamond Trophy which after the BCS trophy is the nicest one in college football. Stupid VT ruined that.

Anonymous said...

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