Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hate, hate, hate

The Detroit News is reporting that Beilein may be the front runner for the Michigan job. Only they aren't so sold on Beilein with this as the headline:

Would U-M be settling for Beilein? Martin seems to be courting West Virginia coach, whose credentials aren't overwhelming.

The message is clear to them that Beilein is a "safe" choice, but an expensive one after his $2.5 million buyout and over $1 million in salary. Another point of contention for Michigan faithful is the lack of recruiting prowess Beilein has shown.

The writer of maizenbrew hates the idea of Beilein.
I have serious reservations about Beilein's ability to recruit. Looking at his teams, they are stacked with 6-10 white guys who shoot three pointers and can't play in the post. He relies on three point shooting and a Princeton offense that does manufacture points but can stifle creativity. Beilein's recruits are system guys. He's never recruited the midwest well and all of his contacts are on the East Coast. . . A good recruiter can sell a herpes vaccine to a nun. I refuse to give him a pass on his recruiting record because he works in Morgantown. The next response is he "does more with less." Yeah, but it's his less. It's not like he intentionally passes on 4 and 5 star recruits.

The local AAU coaches are pushing for Karl Hobbs of GW and Chris Lowery of Southern Illinois over Beilein. But despite the anti-Beilein Michigan fans and writers organizing to fire a counter attack against the hire it appears it that the only man who counts, Bill Martin, is still seeing hearts when looking at Beilein. And only love can make it rain.

So tonight's NIT Final has the added intrigue of possibly being Coach Beilein's last game at WVU. If it is you can't expect to go out with anything more. And Eddie really can't play basketball.


Brave Sir Robin said...

There really is no good post that cannot be somehow linked to Pearl Jam, is there? Sometimes you just have to sit back and think to yourself, how could I make this about Eddie, Seattle, or little dogs... nice segway.

letsplaytummysticks said...

I felt the need for some Pearl Jam today and warped a post around it. I will not apologize. Later I may post about LaLa or pubmix. That's how I roll.

Anonymous said...

Thats how you roll? How very sorry I am to hear that.. Your poor family and friends.

putonahappyface said...

Good bye Beilein, hello Jeff Neubauer.

letsplaytummysticks said...

Or if he moves on too then it's hey Jerry Dunn if you're not doing anything for the next year or so would you hold this seat? Thanks. And yes Anon, that is indeed how I roll, then I punt Baxter off a bridge.

dyer said...

No, Eddie can't play, but Jeff can. I searched far & wide to find some Rock & Jock footage, but to no avail. Ah well, the important thing is we know the man can shoot!