Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wolfpack Boobies

I just returned home from watching a little of the Kansas game at my favorite bar and wingery. Those of you familiar with Motown will know the one with the bowling alley attached. Anyway, while there I heard rumors concerning the extracurriculars of the NC State basketball team and coaching staff on the Monday night prior to the NIT third round game this week.

A local gentlemens club (rhymes with bummers) played host to a number of patrons on Monday night. Among them, as the story was told to me, was a young bartender employed by my favorite wingery and some of her friends. At least a portion of the team and what appeared to be most if not all of the coaching staff and trainers- purportedly wearing NC State gear- were also in attendance.

As this story was unfolded to me- and she did admit to being a little intoxicated- another patron sitting a couple stools down from me chimed in. "Oh yeah, my roomie works there. He said the whole coaching staff, and the "head athletics guy" was there. There were a bunch of them." Now I have to assume he meant the athletic director when he said "head athletics guy"- but that seems a little far fetched to me.

I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the tale as it was told by my primary source. Why would a girl out with her friends lie about seeing NC State guys at a titty bar? But that is not the end of the story. After leaving the gentlemens club, she said she stopped into her place of employment for an off-duty drink. Moments later, members of the NC State team, and assumedly with coaches again in tow- showed up here as well. This particular bar is a haven enjoyed by mountaineers fans, and supposedly some of the players were met with less than warm greetings. They were alleged to have made short remarks to my source as they exited the bar, to which she replied- "See ya tomorrow- on the bench." I don't know if that burn hurt anyones feelings, but she was pleased with herself.

Again, no telling what degree of truth applies to this rumor. I would be surprised if it were total bullshit though. Too many people with nothing to gain seemed confident in its truth. Just thought I would pass on the rumors as I hear them floating around Morgantown. Enjoy.


letsplaytummysticks said...

I wonder if they got to sit on the VIP couches? I bet they do at Thee Doll House in Raleigh. Two for one lapdance special there is as Borat would say niiiiice.

Anonymous said...

If Beilein does leave at least you know a place where your AD can take Huggins to sway him to leave K State..Cincinnati hates drunks but I know Morgantown embraces them.. Kinda strange considering the NFL players get arrested while intoxicated-- go figure

chutta said...

hey man, your kewords and labels are very misleading. Not nearly enough funbag material in that post. Please be careful with those. You are throwing the tubes out of kilter (intertubes, that is).

chutta said...

Example of proper keywording:

Cleaning lady, scrubbing, trucks