Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Round of Reubens

Behold the power of the orange shirt and C-level fameWent to the NIT last night and if I'd have known I had seats in the second row there would have been lots of cheerleader pictures today. WVU shot 55.6% from the floor and held Delaware State to 36.7% shooting. The key to the good shooting was ball movement and cuts as WVU shot only 20 threes making 7. The lead was 39-13 at the half. The only concern last night was the play of Joe Alexander. If WVU had made the Big tournament and he played as he did last night they may not have won a game. Joe played only 20 minutes last night and was 0-3 from three point range. His shooting slump is effecting his entire game as he seems disinterested and tentative in all areas of the game after missing a shot. Hopefully he can get it straightened out during this tournament. On the other end of the spectrum, Jamie Smalligan shot 6-6 against a team that had one player over 6'5" and he was only 6'9". WVU plays former A-10 foe UMass on Thursday, plenty of good seats still available.

The Charleston Gazette details the differences between Greg Frey at line coach and Rick Trickett who left for Florida State. No one on the team is bad-mouthing Trickett yet, but the consensus is that the linemen seem much happier. For any future line coaches out there just yell obscenities and try not to act too smart and you are half-way there.

Some guys are quiet and more cerebral, but I don’t know many line coaches who are that way. Not that he’s not cerebral, but Greg’s a typical offensive-line guy. He’s loud and he’ll get in your face.

MSNsportsnet has an article detailing the construction projects being undertaken this spring. Six projects will cost about $5 million to complete. Fortunately none of the projects include getting longer shorts for the women's volleyball team. Giggidy giggidy.

And finally, the Charleston Daily Mail details the switch from safety to linebacker for John Holmes. From Coach Rodriguez about Holmes, "He has grown in size," and Holmes himself is just worried about getting back in the groove. Of course he is.

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