Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mountaineer Baseball

WVU baseball is going to get more media attention if I can help it. I think this is a picture of a rug. woot.

Collegiate baseball traditionally takes a backseat to both football and basketball. No shit you might say… and deservedly so. Football and basketball bring in ridiculous sums of money to the university. They both, and football in particular, go a long way to bringing in new students- not just student athletes. Being in the top 25 nationally makes a school more popular.

But here is a dose of reality for you all. The NIT is nearly over, helluva show so far- keep it up fellas, and following the Easter weekend spring game, you enter the football Sahara. Where does that leave you? I am gonna be fine. I love baseball more than any other sport, and have since I was very young. I will opt to save my argument for a later date, but rest assured it is not only the national pastime- I regard it as the greatest game ever played.

The West Virginia Mountaineers began the 2007 season on February 16th in a three game series against Cleveland State. They won the season opener 5-1, and won on day two 6-3 before being shut out 3-0 to close the series.

Here is the season to date in a nutshell: a loss to NC State, wins over UNC Wilmington, Marist and Rhode Island, a loss at Coastal Carolina, then we spanked Hartford in a four game set- the last two games were both 11-1 wins- then we dropped one 12-14 to Duquesne on 3/13, only to rally back two days ago in a 12-1 smashing of St. Bonaventure. We played them again yesterday afternoon, and I cannot find a score. So we are 10-5 not including yesterday.

The Mounties open conference play tomorrow in a three game series with Seton Hall here in Morgantown. Weather provided I plan on making it out.

The Mountaineer lineup does include a few hot bats. Adam White leads all hitters with a .446 average after 15 games. Three players- Justin Jenkins, Tyler Kuhn, and Jordan Yost share the HR lead so far with 3 each. On the mound, Kenny Durst and Levi Maxwell each have three wins to account for 6 of the 10. Durst boasts a 1.72 ERA through 31.1 innings pitched. Nice.

For anyone interested in learning more, most of my research I owe to MSN, which I linked to through the WVU Baseball page,

I have contacted Coach Van Zant, and hope for a positive response. We Bastards would like to get more personally involved with all the WVU athletic programs, and welcome all the free stuff we can get. Look for more about WVU baseball in the near future, and go see the team for yourself- a ticket to Hawley Field will only run you $5 for adults; $3 for seniors and minors; and killer deal of $2 per person for groups of 10 or more. I may try to plan a Bastard Sons outing to the ballpark taking advantage of the group deal. Maybe a nice Bastard Sons pre-game tailgate is in order. Let me know what you think. Lets Go Mountaineers!!!


letsplaytummysticks said...

I'm always down with a good tailgate, I mean my family has tailgated funerals before. But baseball better than football? Who do you think you are? Bastard.

Brave Sir Robin said...

You never lose to the clock in a baseball game. woot.

chutta said...

I'm always down for free stuff and I know tummystyx agrees. Keep working that angle. Base a ball has bin bery bery shitty to me, thus I favor the ball of the foot.

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