Thursday, March 8, 2007

Look what LaLa brought me

When snowed in yesterday there was nothing to do but watch basketball all day. Watching sports all day can be very tiring, so you need to stock up on snacks. With the roads a mess the idea of pizza and wings was out due to undergrad delivery guys slamming into ditches at an alarming rate. So I went with the new snack of champions. Pub mix. Whether with beer, liquor, or just a Dew if you are not inclined to the adult beverages there is nothing better. You can't find a better snack that will fit in LaLa's backpack and still have an aroma pleasing to a dog's snout. Oh, and we will only beat Louisville tonight if either Joe Mazzulla or Da'Sean Butler have a career game (just a hunch).

Oh and in other Penguin news according to the AP:

PITTSBURGH -- Penguins owner Ron Burkle traveled to Las Vegas to meet with the mayor and discuss the possibility of relocating the team there.
Burkle, who lives in Los Angeles, led a delegation in talks with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman, according to Penguins spokesman Tom McMillan.
Meanwhile, Burkle and co-owner Mario Lemieux all prepared to meet with state, county and local officials on Thursday in Philadelphia to try to resolve differences over plans for a new arena in Pittsburgh.Elena Owens, a spokeswoman for Goodman, confirmed the meeting with Penguins officials.


Brave Sir Robin said...

I do enjoy a good Pub Mix. woot. I think my favorite might be the rye chips- or it could be the little brown sweet cereal like pieces. They are all so good. I am not sure if Option would call it "the best" but it certainly looks delicious. Could I get that on a skillet?

letsplaytummysticks said...

We could come here every week and eat pub mix.