Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I need that!

It snowed a bunch here earlier today. I was looking at leftovers in the fridge with both distaste and distrust, but the roads were too bad go out and get anything. Then I remembered LaLa. I wish I had a penguin that would go to Sheetz for me pulling a cart he could load up with beer, hotdogs, and darts for the Aussie. I tried to get the little dogs to go but Fredo wouldn't even leave the porch to pee and Vedder can't walk further than 3 feet if there is snow on the ground before she starts limping. Plus penguins make that cool noise, waaawaaa. Or at least every Penguin in the Batman movies/shows/cartoons made that noise. I'm sure they were accurate in their depiction of the bird, I mean all penguins smoke and carry umbrellas too, don't they?


Brave Sir Robin said...

The little lady wondered why I kept making the waawaa sound last night. I kept telling her it was because that is the sound a penguin makes- but never really told her about Lala. She knows better than to question me at this stage. waawaa, woot, waawaa.

letsplaytummysticks said...

Luckily the wife was too tired for sledding or bothering with questioning the waawaaa.