Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ah, Michael Vick bashing and video games

From the Phat Phree via Gorilla Mask, a letter to EA Sports from the Guy who is only good at Madden when he plays as Michael Vick. Here's some quality excerpts:

Hey there, EA Sports. As you have probably heard, Michael Vick has had some recent problems with dog killing. While dog killing is definitely uncool, I would hope that you guys aren't listening to all of this jibber-jabber about "federal indictments" and "season-long suspensions." It would be a tragedy of global proportions if you decided to keep the dog-killing lefty out of your latest installment of Madden NFL Football.

You have to understand, this is the first time that Vick has been federally indicted for dog slaying. You can check his record all the way back to grade school and find no other federal indictments. Of course, you can be picky and bring up the highly public allegations against him for kicking it as Ron Mexico and beating chicks down with his herpes stick, or his arrest for trying to carry a secret weed-stashing water bottle through airport security.

So the real question that needs to be answered is if the NFL believes that Vick's behavior reflects negatively on the league. I'm sorry, EA Sports, but this is not your question to answer. So please, turn a deaf ear to any news that comes out about Ron Mexico throwing dogs off of his roof and spreading herpes.
So nice.

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