Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hopefully this Blog Recommendation Goes Better than the Last

Sunday Morning Quarterback is doing a Big East Week. Its rather verbose, which means, in the parlance of our times, lots of words. As of today, posts include:

The History of the Big East featuring some video highlights of the WVU-'Cuse let's be more than friends stint of the late 80's and, unfortunately, a clip of PETA's favorite dope smoker rising to early prominence.

An indepth review of the Rutgers and whether its shortcomings at QB could spell doom to the pesky new upstart.

Exclusive quotes from legendary film maker Ingmar Bergman pointificating upon the travesty of Pornstache and the oddity of the spread option.

If, for example, [Brian Brohm] needs a certain number of yards for a first down, then he calls the simplest slant route to get the ball an inch past the damned stricks That is the attitude of an aesthete. He took great care over a single pass, but doesn't understand that a game is a rhythmic stream of plays, images, momentum, a living, moving process; for him, on the contrary, it was such a pass, then another pass, then yet another.

I'm presuming that they'll eventually put up a post about WVU. At which time, I'll be sure to notify AngryEER.


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