Monday, August 6, 2007

There is only one man

who could play that fast (see below). . . Skwisgar Skwigelf. In case you've never seen Metalocalypse on Adult Swim here is a clip of Deathklok. I hope you like coffee because you'll scream for your cream.

In non-insane cartoon, but still insane news. CMT has a new reality program. I have never watched CMT before as I would rather give myself a vasectomy than listen to country music, but I might watch this. The show takes nine former "stars" and teaches them to ride a bull.

The nine courageous guys who are stepping up to take on the challenge are musician Vanilla Ice, actor Stephen Baldwin, actor/musician Leif Garrett, actor Dan "Nitro" Clark, actor Francesco Quinn, former football star "Rocket" Ismail, Ultimate Fighter Josh Haynes, X-Games motorcycle legend "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram and Survivor reality star Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton.

Holy crap, Rocket Ismail. Were Desmond Howard and Quadry already busy? Finally, if you see this picture and think it's real than you are insane.

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wolf said...

Yes he saved 14 pit bulls , Sadly they were not good fighters , so all of them are buried in his back yard!!