Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Before The Office returns

OS sent me this link this afternoon. He should have just posted it for everybody. Ten scenes from The Office. Any clip with Dwight in it is pure gold.

And from the comments below thanks to Chutta it appears as though Huntington really is a dump.

It's tough times for trash haulers in West Virginia's second-largest city, which is down to three working garbage trucks.

Eight of Huntington's 11 garbage trucks are out of service, along with two flatbed trucks used to pick up loose trash in alleys, said Public Works Director Chuck Cornett.

In order to get the trash reduced Marshall fans are being asked to kill themselves. It's for the good of humanity.

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KaptainJudy said...

Out of all the times I have been to Huntington, I hever knew they had a trash system; I thought the town was the dump!