Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lankster and Thomas suspended

Ellis Lankster and J.T. Thomas will miss at least two games for WVU this season if the charges before them are dropped. WVU has suspended the two indefinitely until they are finished with the legal process.

In a statement, West Virginia said the players were suspended indefinitely pending the conclusion of the legal process. They face a Sept. 10 preliminary hearing in Monongalia County Magistrate Court.
The September 10th date is after the Western Michigan and Marshall games and only three days before the Maryland game. The only chance for these two to play in any early games is for the charges to be dropped against them. And from this article in the Daily Mail today it looks very unlikely for the charges to be dropped as the players were identified by the residents of the house at the scene of the arrest. How could the charges be dropped? At this point they can only be dropped by the State. However, newspapers like the Daily Mail and the DA should be wary of publishing the names of the residents that called the police. It's not like idiots will start calling them and threatening them to drop the charges (which they can't). That never happens.


chutta said...

Its time these shenanigans stop. I, for one, feel we need to be more like London and also crack down on the sausage throwing:;_ylt=Aql__fuW0D7YY2SM7Qa2kvwE1vAI

Sausage is for my tummy, not for tossing.

chutta said...

If we need a new starting linebacker, my brother and I are ready to walk on. Here is a story about my bro:;_ylt=AmY8Ijf_u_TzkHY_tqpDlQcZ.3QA