Monday, August 27, 2007

Game Week--WMU Preview

The Western Michigan University Broncos head into Morgantown to take a beating for a nice payday on the Mountaineers this Saturday at 3:30. The game time means I get to booze before the game without drinking at 8 in the morning so that is nice. WMU is coming off a bowl appearance and have a few sites picking them to win the MAC this season. The Broncos will ride into town under the helm of head coach Bill Cubit. Bill has been the head of WMU since 2005. WMU had not had a winning season in 5 years before Cubit became the head coach. Should WMU have a good season his name will be popping up for BCS conference jobs.

Last season WMU averaged 22.9 points per game and 315.5 yards. The offense was mainly geared for the run with an average of 136.9 yards per game rushing and only 178.6 yards passing. On defense the Broncos held teams to 19.3 points per game. WMU gave up 269.4 yards per game and was stingy against the run, allowing only 72 ypg rushing (6th in the nation) and 197.5 passing. The defense recorded 42 sacks and picked off 22 passes which led the nation.

Lost from last year's squad will be quarterback Ryan Cubit (son of the head coach) who threw for about 2,000 yards and Ameer Ismail who was the MAC Defensive Player of the Year. Returning for WMU is quarterback Thomas Peregrin who threw for around 200 yards in limited duty last year. The ground game should still be the strong point with the two leading rushers returning. Mark Bonds is a 220 pound senior running back who rushed for over 1000 yards last year. Sophomore Brandon West also returns after rushing for over 600 yards. The leading receiver from last year, Jamarko Simmons, also returns. Last season Jamarko had 61 catches for almost 668 years. Most importantly, however, WMU brings back end Branden Ledbetter who had 32 catches and the coolest name on the team. Make me fries.


Anonymous said...

I regret to inform you that you will most likely receive the customary game day wake-up call despite the 3:30 start. It's gameday motherfucker.

Little Dogs, beers, shots, treats, little dogs and hangovers from Friday. Several of the reasons I love football.

Jib job jib...

Anonymous said...

BA will be there. BA will be drinking early. Man up if you want to be BA. BA loves you.

letsplaytummysticks said...

BA is already on his fourth handle for the week. BA doesn't blackout, instead he has a few minutes a day he remembers.