Friday, August 31, 2007

Is LSU really that good?

Mississippi State's Michael Henig should have stayed home last night. I assure you that I am perfectly capable of tossing six picks in a game. I have four years of eligibility left... call me.

I maintained hopes of an upset early as the LSU offense sputtered in the face of MissSt's defense- which wasn't bad, but turnovers gave the Tigers such a short field- whatdyagondo?

Don't have much time to post this morning, gotta work- so I leave the analysis to the guys with the time for it. That said- the premier college football program kicks off tomorrow... Come find the Bastards at the tailgate action. Look for two wise asses and a guy in bright white shoes with a little hat... nice.

Brief Analysis from OS:

Southern Mississippi State needs more cowbell, fewer turnovers. LSU needs more offense if they hope to stay #2 during their stroll through the valley of death otherwise lovingly referred to as "conference play".

However, I am encouraged if WVU ends up playing LSU in a bowl game come January. As everyone knows, even if they are unwilling to admit to such, our perennial achilles heal has been our pass defense. I know we've made serious attempts this off season to improve the same, but we shall have to see. Fortunately, if we end up playing LSU, their pass offense was less than impressive last night.

Oh, and did anyone else catch that, during the first quarter, Craig James and Doug Flutie know a lot about "double teaming"? The innuendo of that comment was greatly magnified by the 30 seconds of uncomfortable silence by all three commentators.

Did Rece Davis do some kind of 25 hour straight hosting or something? I think they may have mentioned it once or twice.

And what was the deal with the audio in the Tulsa/L-Monroe game? Did ESPN lose satelite feed and have the announcers phone in their play-by-play?

In other news, Louisville scored a few touchdowns and Rutgers has a receiver. Unfortunately, the powers that be, i.e. my girlfriend who pays the cable bill, only gets me basic cable, so I didn't get to see any of those games.

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wolf said...

LSU has no offense, Auburn looked like shit even though they won, Michigan lost to the Mounties of Beall High school, things are looking good for WVU!!