Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This Just In: WVU stadium crew has bad taste in music.

Shocking, I know. But it is apparently true. To simulate the distractions of game day, poorly chosen music is blared over the audio system at Mountaineer field. However:

I don’t think anybody likes the music,’’ said junior kicker and resident jovial malcontent Pat McAfee. “Let’s just be honest: The music is terrible out there. Let’s just say it. It’s bad and anybody who’s been out there knows it’s bad.’’
In addition to his criticism of the music, in further cementing of his label as "resident jovial malconent", McAfee has also encased Owen Schmitt's face mask in jello and last year, posted coach Rick Trickett's resume online. The latter didn't work out quite so hillariously. But Vaughn Rivers agrees with his musical assessment:
“I’m sure it’s good for them,’’ cornerback Vaughn Rivers said, referring to the coaches. “But most of us are like, ‘What is this?’"

However, PW must like it, as he apparently dances along (while meowing). PW does strike me as the kind of guy who can have a good time no matter what. Broken ribs and down by 7? Good times. Smashing Pitt (again)? Good times. Hotel room full of dead hookers? Good times.

The musical list includes cutting edge artists like Elvis and Shirley Lewis, but also features "1960s and ’70s rock and roll. There’s the occasional upbeat country song." Upbeat country song?

Fortunately, Good One Patrick is on the case and demonstrates his remarkable musical knowledge, in the parlance of our times: "If it’s a good day, a little hippity hop..." Hip... hip hop... hip hop anonymous?

The only explanation for this musical faux pas is that the sound crew must be saving the great tunes for the season. Great tunes such as:

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