Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not just a look back... but a Round of Reubens! Yah!

I remember when Sportscenter and the WWL were cool. I remember those days, back in middle school when I would sit and watch the morning review of highlights while eating waffles or the hard palate destroying Captian Crunch. Olberman, Killborn, Patrick, Mees. It was great. They had pretty good commercials back then, too.

Fortunately, the guys over at the Unibrow have put together the top 10 Sportscenter commercials of all time available on youtube. Including the classic Y2K test:

Our BFF, EDSBS, has about the best write up ever regarding the Mountaineers' matchup this weekend: "Sensei Teaches Student A Noble Lesson Of Pride And Humility."
Student may land a field goal, reaching through the defense–well played!, says Sensei. He may intercept a poorly thrown ball, or perhaps stifle a rusty option game for a series or two. Most impressive! says Sensei. Or most likely, Western Michigan will find a hole in the ever-risk-friendly 3-3-5 and do what most teams do at one point to WVU: burn them for a long touchdown.
Feel joy, Student! You are about to learn!

And by learning, we mean that Sensei is about to whip your motherfucking ass.

Oh, and you are not prepared for the definitive, nutpummeling, teeth-shattering, fistfeast of an asswhipping you will get from Sensei.
Yet more proof of my EDSBS is one of the best written blogs out there.

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