Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weekend Watching

The Big East is determined to get off to a fast start as a conference by playing what can be most favorably described as a soft schedule. However, believe it or not there are other games besides WVU and even the Big East out there this weekend. The following are some that may be of interest to those with a pulse.

On Saturday, at the same time WMU and WVU play for the right to call themselves the true West, Georgia Tech will travel to South Bend to play Notre Dame. Last year the Yellow Jackets had a 10-0 lead before falling to the Irish 14-10. Calvin Johnson and his 111 recieving yards are gone, but on the bright side so is Reggie Ball. Brady Quinn lept at the chance to play with the full-grown men of the NFL and also gone are Jeff Samardzija (baseball) and Darius Walker (Home Depot) who left early for the NFL. GT will be led by ACC leading rusher Tashard Choice, QB Taylor Bennett, and unrelated to Calvin Johnson receiver James Johnson. ND will be led slowly by Charlie Weiss. The coach will lead the team for a while, then stop when he is short of breath, then take a nap, then probably wish his nutsack wasn't so sweaty and stuck to his leg. ND has not named a quarterback and although everyone got their panties in a bunch over Jaimmy Clausen it is likely the starter will be Evan Sharpley with Demetrius Jones running the second string.

ABC will show Tennessee at California on Primetime this Saturday. California returns Nathan Longshore at quarterback and DeSean Jackson, Robert Jordan and Lavelle Hawkins at WR and Justin Forsett returning at running back. The Golden Bears will be fast and experienced at the skill positions making life tough on the Vols. In fact everyone and their mother has picked Cal. Just like last year. When the Vols proceeded to smack the Bears around for three quarters before calling off the dogs in a 35-18 win. Tennessee gained 514 yards and averaged 8.4 yards per play in that game while rushing for 216. Erik Ainge threw for 281 yards and 4 tds in only 17 attempts. Ainge is back, but is breaking in new receivers as the starters have a combined 19 catches to start the year. Should Tennessee lose I expect Losers with socks to respond with a hearty, "WVU sucks."

On Monday FSU goes to Clemson. Bowden Bowden Bowden Bowden. Of interest is the Seminole offense with Jeffy gone from the pressbox. Jimbo and Rick Trickett should attempt to get the running game off of life support. Clemson has a one-two punch of James Davis and C.J. Spiller at running back, but the unproven Cullen Harper at quarterback. If the game goes too late Bobby will take a nappy.

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