Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I am calling shenanigans on the newest Princeton Review which placed WVU as the number 1 party school. I am not doing this based upon WVU not being a top party school, but of course I haven't partied at every school in the US to compare with WVU as I only attended about 25% in getting my different degrees. What I am calling shenanigans on is that the review must be compromised. I received an email with all of the "top" listings and these two struck me:

Most Liberal Students--Warren Wilson College (Asheville NC)
Most Conservative Students--Thomas Aquinas College (Santa Paula CA)

Really? The most liberal students in the United States are in North Carolina? I lived in NC for three years and it was one of my favorite places I've ever been, but at no time did I ever look around and think, "Damn there are a lot of liberals running around here voting for Sen. Helms." I also have a hard time thinking the most conservative school is in California and not somewhere in the Bible belt. I don't even think they have a Bible in Cali unless it is to prop open the fence for immigrants or smash a fetus.

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