Tuesday, August 28, 2007

RR's Tuesday Press Conference

Yes, there will be punch and pie.

Its about 20 minutes long, here are some notes:

Darius Reynard has had a great camp and is in the "best shape of his life".

Slaton's backup for now is primarily Owen Schmitt, but we will see Jock Sanders and Noel Devine depending upon the situation and play. RR also noted that Sanders and Devine know the offense well enough at this point to be ready to play.

Dorrell Jalloh is emerging as the #2 WR.

Wes Lyons, our giant of a receiver, has missed most of camp. Yesterday (Monday) was the first day he has practiced in weeks and at this point is not really ready to contribute. When asked, RR didn't deny the potential that Lyons could be redshirted.

Team emerged from camp really healthy. The worst injury at this point is that MLB Bobby Hathaway has a broken hand, but will still be able to play.

RR doesn't like the kickoff rule change. Cites concerns for player safety.

In addition to Sanders and Devine, another true freshman, Pat Lazear will see playing time Saturday.

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